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Kitchen resprayed in Farrow & Ball Off Black

“I have a laminate kitchen- how can you help?”

We recently attended the Love Your Home Show at Titanic Exhibition Centre and we were surprised to hear how many customers thought their laminate kitchen was beyond help and couldn’t be resprayed!

Some were thinking that they would simply have to replace the entire kitchen but at times, their kitchens were less than 10 years old. Some of the quotes for new kitchens were scary!

Others had toyed with the idea of replacing the doors but unless all your doors are a standard size, it can soon become a nightmare trying to source custom sizes and you are still left with the problem of trying to match your existing framework.

The main issue with a laminate kitchen is that eventually the wrap will start to come away from the doors. You may notice the vinyl beginning to lift along the edges or at the corners of the doors or in some cases, you can see the entire wrap coming off in one piece.

While it is possible to try and replace the wrap, the sad fact is that it will probably happen again as heat is one of the main causes of doors delaminating and we all know how hot it gets in a kitchen!

Although this delamination is common, the good news is that the wood underneath the laminate covering can be salvaged and resprayed to give you a quality finish without the hassle of replacing an entire kitchen.

As you can see from this photo, the laminate in this kitchen was starting to bubble.

So how do we fix this problem?

Our team come to your house and remove the doors and bring them back to our workshop. Once there, the doors will be stripped of all the laminate and the wood underneath sanded and primed before the final colour is expertly sprayed by our team

We spray both sides of the doors and also spray the framework including the kickboards, plinths, cornicing, gable ends and all visible trims. Unlike some other companies, we spray ALL parts of the kitchen- you won’t catch any of our staff with a paintbrush or roller in their hands! This means you get the same high quality finish on the fixed parts of the kitchen as you do on the doors.

Believe it or not- the kitchen below is the same one! The bubbling laminate is gone and in its place is a beautifully sprayed kitchen in “Off-Black”

Kitchen resprayed in Farrow & Ball Off Black

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